i can’t wait

I was squatting down looking through the glass wall just outside the elevators on the third floor of the hospital. I found tears sitting in my eyes; I was both curious as to why the tears, and also not curious at all. He talked about his brand new baby boy’s eyes. His chin. His neck. His temperament. He talked about the things he had already learned from him.

And then he said what has been sitting with me.

“I can’t wait to get to know him.”

My best buddy looked through the glass at his brand new son he’s known for just over 24 hours. He is excited about getting to know him, his perspective, his personality. He can’t wait to see all he brings to the world. All the world brings out in him.

“I can’t wait to get to know him.”

In my class this semester, I’ve learned a great deal from my students already. I’ve tried to “catch” them talking about the people we serve in ways that aren’t filled with dignity and respect, but they have surprised me completely. As I get to know them more, they are filled with compassion, humility and energy to serve those around them in ways that will no doubt, and already have, been used to transform our community into something that looks more like the kingdom of God. I’ve been changed as I get to know them.

For all I still can’t seem to get into my head, I’m learning about the thrill it is to get to know someone, some group, some people…not because of what I can find out, but because of who I am likely to become and what I am likely to learn.

For those who have allowed the time and chance to get to know me, I’ll do the same in your honor.

And for this baby boy, there will be no greater honor. I can’t wait to get to know him either!

Pine Tree Dr.

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