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Donald Jordan is a social worker by trade, and a wanna-be activist by heart. Graphic designs supports both and looking for Christ guides all.

Donald is a lecturer of Social Work at The University of Tennessee at Martin teaching courses on social work practice and human development. He has a clinical practice for counseling with children and adults at a local community mental health center, Pathways of Tennessee, where he does individual counseling as well as mental health and grief support groups as well as with the Trauma, Faith & Resilience Initiative. He serves as Director of Education & Development for Area Relief Ministries in Jackson, Tennessee in the areas of program and practice development, and community education and training. He serves on the boards of both local and international non-profits working to challenge and advance issues of peace, violence, justice, faith, and community development. He enjoys spoiling everyone else’s children, traveling as often as possible, and laughing until his stomach hurts.

Donald Jordan, LMSW

The words below were written when the blog began in August of 2011. After incredibly painful experiences at church, pushed against learning to balance jobs and stay afloat, the blog began as an effort to remain both hopeful and accountable. 


The time has come for me to do the work of being most hopeful.

At this moment, I find myself at the worst of times, and also the best. I’m at a juncture where the reality of sadness, stress, joy, excitement, anger, anticipation, thankfulness, and grief are all whirling together with their corresponding stories and corresponding colors. As a friend of mine has said, of all the things I am and feel right now, above all, I am most hopeful.

Day to day, I am likely to be most things other than hopeful. At least by default.

So this is, for me, a call to accountability. A call to be, above all, most hopeful.

Most hopeful about the future.
Most hopeful about the stories that will be told about the past.
Most hopeful about what God is doing in the world.
Most hopeful about how God will bring his church to life to join him.
Most hopeful for the way the stories of pain and sadness will resolve.
Most hopeful about the way the stories of excitement and anticipation will continue.
Most hopeful about the coming of God’s great kingdom. Of God’s great work through Christ in the world.

Above all, I am most hopeful.
And when I am not, I will wait to notice a flicker of hope.

On earth, as in heaven.

We cannot walk alone.

Pine Tree, August 2011

8 thoughts on “about

  1. Johanna says:

    I added you to my blog roll. 🙂 Also, shared your blog with a friend who’s lost a few people to violence. I miss you.


  2. […] A few Ideas:       Help them to their car holding an umbrella on a rainy day, compliment them, call them by their first name, remember specific facts about them (children, grandchildren, hobbies, etc) be the “person who passes out high fives,” or, “the smiley face sticker guy.” […]

  3. psychosiswar says:

    Man, awesome blog. Pumped that you are a LCSW too… One day I will get there 🙂

    • Most Hopeful says:

      Still working the LCSW myself…counting up hours every day…only a few thousand to go. Thanks for checking out the blog. I’ve enjoyed yours as well, and your relevant article.

  4. Debbie says:

    Love your words, the laborers are few and the harvest are many…..

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