holy indeed

The time is starting to fall between my fingers now during these last days of a perfect holiday in Cape Town. The speed has been a perfect kind of slow. The days have been a subtle kind of long. But now, the air feels thin, like I’m doing my best to gulp in as much as I possibly can.

As always, senses heighten in those kinds of times. They did this afternoon.

Walking with a good friend in the hot sun on a perfect Cape Town afternoon, I was reminded of the holy space we are given to be in and share the whole of life with other people. There are constantly sad stories of what churches––people––try to do to force community among each other, aiming for it like a bull’s eye. I’ve felt people try so hard to demand community that the very last drops of life are squeezed out, and all goes dry.

But walking through that field today, with this friend and these thoughts, a quote from Michael Frost came to mind:

“Aiming for community is a bit like aiming for happiness. It’s not a goal in itself. We find happiness as an incedental by-product of pursuing love, justice, hospitality, and generosity. When you aim for happiness, you are bound to miss it. Likewise with community. It’s not our goal. It emerges as a by-product of pursuing something else.”

I took a deep breath on that walk home today, and gave thanks when realizing that I was, in fact, breathing in the fumes of holy community. The gift of walking with another who is trusted, and who trusts. Who is willing to brave dreams and nightmares simultaneously. Who allows me to be complex, and who bears complexity. Walking together, as followers of Christ, standing in that gap trying our hardest to keep a tight hold of a world going not well with one hand, and the coming of the kingdom with the other.

I was walking in true community this afternoon, and its thickness and richness is holy indeed; I’m beyond thankful for this time. In joining God’s people toward kingdom lives of love, justice, hospitality and generosity, we notice all of a sudden, on afternoon walks with a good friends in the hot sun on perfect Cape Town afternoons, that we have indeed landed in and come face to face with true community.

Holy indeed.

Cape Town

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7 thoughts on “holy indeed

  1. AJ says:

    OK, I will bite…the quote stated what is pursued and results in happiness, what should we pursue to gain community?

    • Most Hopeful says:

      I don’t think we can pursue anything for happiness. The same with community. I think the quote speaks to leaning into justice, compassion, generosity and love. Period. Happiness and community are likely to then be found in the shadows of the pursuit of those, but whenever the ______ + _______ = [happiness] [community] […], we get disappointed…and end up smothering the beginnings of what we actually long for. Wouldn’t you say, and speak even from hammock time, etc., that those things end up appearing, not because we look for them.

      • AJ says:

        Haha, hammock time…awesome. I agree, just curious if you had any specific pursuits in mind. I guess it breaks down to the triangle analogy: two people, pursuing Christ, who grow closer to one another the closer they get to Him. I trust you understand I am not thinking there is a magic formula for true community, just curious if there were some examples on what to pursue, (time together, honest accountability, similar interests, etc,) to gain true community as an unintended result…

        • Most Hopeful says:

          Been camping and out of pocket…sorry! I think it is the same pursuits that end up resulting in community: Seeking justice, compassion, generosity and hospitality. And those things mean with our communities at large, not only with our circles. I think time together, honest accountability and similar interests fall short because we were inevitably made for larger, creative things…things that bring us life as they bring others life. Then, you find people struggling and sweating to learn what it means to do that, and suddenly, on a break from the task, we realize that we have found ourselves in true community.

  2. Greg says:

    I met with your ARM friends today. In the same way it was community and justice and kingdom. Enjoy.

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