on psalm 72

Give the King your justice, O God,
and your righteousness to the King’s Son;

That he may rule your people righteously
and the poor with justice

That the mountains may bring prosperity to the people,
and the little hills bring righteousness.

He shall defend the needy among the people;
he shall rescue the poor and crush the oppressor.

He shall live as long as the sun and moon endure,
from one generation to another.

He shall come down like rain upon the cut grass, 
like showers that water the earth.

In his time shall the righteous flourish;
there shall be abundance of peace till the moon shall be no more. 

He shall rule from sea to sea,
and from the River to the ends of the earth. 

+Psalm 72

We ask for the courage to speak into justice for the poor,
and freedom for the oppressed.
We ask for humility to know that as we speak into these requests,
we speak out against ourselves.
We ask for the imagination necessary to hold us until
we see you covering all the earth like the morning sun and dew.
We ask for the patience to know that as we join you now
still we wait until it is your time.

Give us eyes to see and ears to hear.
And give us courage to speak and work as we wait.


Pine Tree


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One thought on “on psalm 72

  1. G says:

    ‘Work as we wait’ defines Kingdom faith.

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