painfully broken and surprisingly hopeful


Feeling speechless,
I’m trying to build an altar
a stack of word rocks
a pile of memories
from the last few weeks

I feel quite sure that I’ll circle around to 
this very same place in the 
not-so-distant future
having completely forgotten 
what seems concretely true right this moment
under these witnessing stars 

that while all is painfully broken
in the world,
all is also surprisingly hopeful,
and if we dare run the risk,
the holy and terrifying risk of
telling the truth
which means telling the
broken truth and the beautiful truth
in the same timid breath

we are likely to find that in the space between
the brokenness and the beauty we will
somehow come across the courage to accept
the task at hand to seek whole justice and thick peace
and find the kingdom in our midst.

León, Nicaragua

2 thoughts on “painfully broken and surprisingly hopeful

  1. Donald I have missed your words, thank you for this… to tell the broken truth and the beautiful truth…in the same timid breath: that makes me excited for 2104

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