the first page

1.1.2019.Header Pic A.Blank moleskin open

I generally skip the first few pages of new moleskins. I think my early, unattended ‘logic’ suggested I come back to address the initial page when I knew exactly what should be penned to shape the rest of the pages to follow. It was as if the beginnings seemed so crisp that to ink them wantonly would at best fail to live up to first page standards––or at worse would render less than in all the other lined pages to follow.

So blank it was.

And blank they remained.

For nearly two decades back, every journal I’ve ever owned still bares blank pages hiding any hint they were ever used; a couple of turns later reads the actual first entry.

The first entry three pages in can be found with its own strike-throughs, misspellings, and coffee blots.

Today I started a new Moleskin for the first day of the new year.

On the first page.

Pine Tree Dr.


One thought on “the first page

  1. G says:

    The hope and promise of the first blank page.

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