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the beatitudes

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When you are empty and wondering if it was worth it, it means you’re valuing what God values.

When you are broken-hearted and swollen with tears, it means you are craving the kingdom and recognize its absence.

When you learn to think and fight and dream in third ways, it means you are beginning to grow your kingdom legs.

When you realize how far you still have to go and it leaves you moving humbly and curiously, it means you will become who you hope to become.

When you make room and offer love to those who should be kicked out and chewed out, it means you are learning to welcome yourself the way you’ve already been welcomed.

When you see beauty and hope and artistry in everything, it means you are learning to see with the eyes of your maker.

When you stand on the line between those fighting against each other and call for a ceasefire, you resemble your father more than you ever have before.

When you live in ways that speak to something deep and true and it lands you in hot water, it means you have found the ways of living that challenge the present and speak to the future.

When you live like me, and look like me, and forgive like me, and make peace like me, and love like me and get chewed out and spoken down to and looked crossways at and released from your position for, you’ve found what you’re looking for and you’ll never be happy again unless you live into what you’ve discovered. And don’t think you’re the first; you come from a long line of rule breakers.

Pine Tree Dr.

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of course it makes no sense at all

we try our best to talk about it as if it does
but we know good and well as we hear the words
falling from our mouths
or dancing in our brains
that of course it makes no sense at all

of course the weak lose to the strong
of course the meek lose to the proud
of course the poor answer to the rich
of course the cheerful are better off than the tearful
of course the peaceful lose to the first to strike

and even when the story ends
and someone closes the book
all seems clear still,
and we feel a rumble
like a kind of existential indigestion
that maybe we should have fought stronger
maybe we should have been a little prouder
maybe we should have tried to get a little richer
maybe we should have acted a little more cheerful
maybe we should have preempted with the first blow

but then comes the morning
and the upside down comes right side up
and the clear and obvious become dark and murky
and we see a new order of things

but only once in a while
for now
do we get a sight of the downside up world
and so we clinch it as tightly as we possibly can
and hope that when we need to remember
we can trust that while of course it makes no sense at all
one day all makes sense, of course.

we are a people waiting for it all to make sense.

Pine Tree

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