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in the middle of a meeting

we often find ourselves in meetings
sitting around tables
clicking keys on laptops
and scribbles of doodle and words soon forgotten
written on pads and scraps and notebooks
we find ourselves in meetings all the time

and we love our work
and we are used to being tired
and we are used to being grateful
and we are used to working hard
and we are used to hoping our hard work is a part
of something that looks like the kingdom in our midst

and we are used to sitting in meetings
sitting around tables
trying to plan and execute.

What we are not used to, though
is the every now and then meeting that leaves
our hearts thumping louder than the keys,
scribbles and doodles and imagination racing
through our minds too fast to come out of our mouths
we are not used to these kinds of meetings
even though they happen all the time

with new partners and new friends
with new dreams and new imaginations
with new needs and new visions
with new prayers and new hopes

where we realize, for those brief moments,
the rules have changed
the ideals have changed
the agenda has changed
the reason has changed
the meaning has changed
the implications have changed

the group of women and men sitting around the table realize
that something from another realm is happening
smack dab in the middle of a meeting with
clicking keys
and ourselves.

the kind of meetings we often find ourselves in.
And so smack dab in the middle of a meeting
we give thanks.

S Church Street

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