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weekly mash | 04.14.2012

The Internet is Ruining Your Brain | INFOGRAPHIC | mashable.com

My dad has long said in jest that the internet is the tower of Babel. He says it less now since he’s become quite internet saavy. Nevertheless, this clever infographic explores the connection between how we remember when we always have google at our fingertips.

40 Wine Descriptions and What They Really Mean | winefolly.com

Ever swirled a glass around, thrown out a word like “big” or “chewy” to describe the taste, even though you know you have no idea what it means? Good. Me Either. Then here’s a list of forty descriptions everyone already understands.

Catholic Leaders say Rep. Ryan Distorting Church Teaching to Push Immoral Budget | faithinpubliclife.org

“…If Rep. Ryan thinks a budget that takes food and healthcare away from millions of vulnerable people upholds Catholic values, then he also probably believes Jesus was a Tea Partier who lectured the poor to stop being so lazy and work harder,”….

How Jim Yong Kim Might Change the World Bank | huffingtonpost.com

What his counter-cultural work with Partners in Health in Haiti, Peru, Russia etc. could do to change the World Bank.

A Slave in the Whitehouse | bnreview.barnesandnoble.com

A book review of Taylor’s A Slave in the Whitehouse that highlights President Madison’s “failure to imagine a world more capacious and tolerant than his own helps explain a good deal of subsequent history, and America’s resistance to the very practice of equality that Madison otherwise did so much to foster.” What strikes me most is “the failure to imagine” as a reason for fostering the status quo rather than seeking a kind of kingdom justice.

Nazi Party Gets a Washington Lobbyist | thehill.com

Nothing to say.

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