the threat and the challenge

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 7.50.17 PM

The threat, of course,
is that the present moment might be choked out
by worry
by anxiety
by busyness
by fear.

But the challenge, of course,
is that we are to allow the present moment to be overcome
by anticipation
by generosity
by hospitality
by forgiveness
by peace.

The empire sings the songs of death
and chants the mantra of anxiety;
We have been trained to move with fear
and choose based on scarcity and greed and paranoia.

But you,
who won’t leave us be–
even when we’ve asked you to–
You call us to a state over overcomeness

And we accept.
We accept even though, at this moment,
the threat is very real.

Pine Tree Dr.

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