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when the ground quakes

does the sky bother at all when the ground quakes
when the things built crash on the builders
and hopes fall deep into the crevices made by an angry earth?

does the sky bother at all?

one completely ravished,
the other, chirping and shining.
a source of both hope and disrespect.

perhaps the sky jumps into sudden action
filling the cracks with its fulness
and making a way for the dawn to reach
the new boundaries of the horizon.

however deep and devastating they may be.

Pine Tree

On reading Paul Farmer‘s Haiti: After the Earthquake, a Harvard doctor with 30 years of best-practice shaping and informed work in Haiti with Partners in Health, the recent hurricanes and earthquake, and the influx of not-best-practice charity that further weakens the infrastructure of an already colonialism-wrecked nation. Farmer recounts the resilience, strength and ingenuity of the Haitian people, and the imperative to work with them, not for them.

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weekly mash | 03.31.12

A few of the news articles, essays, and issues I’ve been thinking over this week. Enjoy.

The 2012 Top 100 Non-Profits

I noticed that an organization, Partners in Health, who follows great practice standards and is working hard to prevent and minimize ongoing harm in Haiti done by charity workers, is listed as number 2. It makes me proud of them, and makes the kinds of concepts from “When Helping Hurts” all the more important for all of our non-profits, whether faith-based or not.

The Real Boundaries of the Bible Belt

While it shouldn’t be surprising, it is very interesting that the borders of the Bible Belt that stretch across the southeastern US (and notch over enough to get Utah) have a lot to do with the distribution of education and wealth.

Creativity and the Need for Multiple Outlets

As a child, my parents stopped trying to prevent me from making a mess in my room with paint, clay, markers and …the deadliest, scotch tape. The ended up ripping the carpet up and putting down tile so that ultimately the room could just be hosed down after I was done experimenting. Here’s to letting all surfaces be fair-game for craft time.

Where do your tax dollars go?

Type in your yearly income, and watch the pie chart fill up with what happens to your tax dollars…fascinating!

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