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when the ground quakes

does the sky bother at all when the ground quakes
when the things built crash on the builders
and hopes fall deep into the crevices made by an angry earth?

does the sky bother at all?

one completely ravished,
the other, chirping and shining.
a source of both hope and disrespect.

perhaps the sky jumps into sudden action
filling the cracks with its fulness
and making a way for the dawn to reach
the new boundaries of the horizon.

however deep and devastating they may be.

Pine Tree

On reading Paul Farmer‘s Haiti: After the Earthquake, a Harvard doctor with 30 years of best-practice shaping and informed work in Haiti with Partners in Health, the recent hurricanes and earthquake, and the influx of not-best-practice charity that further weakens the infrastructure of an already colonialism-wrecked nation. Farmer recounts the resilience, strength and ingenuity of the Haitian people, and the imperative to work with them, not for them.

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