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some days we open our eyes



Some days we open our eyes

and can tell immediately that we are filled with wonder and excitement.
Other days, we open our eyes
and call tell immediately that we are fill with grumpiness and boredom.
And yet the task is at hand
regardless of the way we see the day at hand
in our rolling-over, getting up state.
And you are the maker of all things new,
and we are a vessel of all things new,
Whether we wake up in the mood or not .
Be our coffee.
Be our tea.
Be our reason to start wide-eyed.
And be our reason,
when all is said and done,
to sleep soundly
knowing that all is not well, and all will be well.
Pine Tree


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as are we

tiny birds in nicaragua

Even the tinniest of birds

in the most remote of places

on the earliest of mornings

in a distant land

with their unfamiliar chirping

remind us

at our best, when we allow ourselves to be reminded

that the world is enormous

and deep

and complicated

and is still in its adolescence

as are we

as are we


León, Nicaragua

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