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lost and found in the margins

you may have chosen to go there
you may have wandered there on accident
you may have been pushed there by something horrible
you may have been led there by something wonderful

first there, it is all at once terrifying and
all at once invigorating
it is all at once filled with hope and
all at once filled with hopelessness

but however you got there
and whatever it felt like
you find yourself unable to leave
so you begin to make your home there

not because it all makes sense
and not because you know what to do
and not because you’ve been here before
but because you can’t imagine being anywhere else

but here.

and once you decide that you are willing to live there
you find others who moved in long ago
because they chose to go there
because they were wandered there
because they were pushed there
because they were led there

and they too, soon learned, they could not leave

so you join with them
and with the others
and begin to learn what it really means

to live there
to live here
in the margins.

Managua, Nicaragua


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as are we

tiny birds in nicaragua

Even the tinniest of birds

in the most remote of places

on the earliest of mornings

in a distant land

with their unfamiliar chirping

remind us

at our best, when we allow ourselves to be reminded

that the world is enormous

and deep

and complicated

and is still in its adolescence

as are we

as are we


León, Nicaragua

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