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Letters to a future church and creepy Russian playgrounds | weekly mash | 04.28.2012

From creepy russian playground photos to explicative illustrations of the human body circa 1959, from the 10 companies that own everything to the letters written by the future of the church, here’s the weekly mash for the week leading up to April 28. It’s filled with the stories, essays, and ideas that I’ve been mulling over this week. Enjoy!

10 companies that control everything | INFOGRAPHIC | huffingtonpost.com

Ten Major Corporations that own every company we get everything from

“It may be obvious that Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes are both made by Kellogg’s, but did you know that Hot Pockets and L’Oreal share a parent company in NestlĂ©?” And six companies own 90% of media outlets. Fair and balanced indeed. 🙂

Russia’s Creepiest Playgrounds | PHOTOS | flavorwire.com

I do agree that something has been lost since the days playgrounds were made of rested metal ladders and sideways trash cans with the bottom cut out. But this is a different level of creepy old playground all together.

Letters to a Future Church | patheos.com

Letters to a future church

An excerpt from InterVaristy’s new book, “Letters to a Future Church,” reads like this: “But are we people of the kingdom? That is the question at the heart of this crisis, and as we struggle together to answer it, I am convinced that we don’t need bigger buildings or fancier sound equipment, better pastors or more parishioners, newer ministries or deeper pockets. What we need are bigger banquet tables.” I find comfort in these words for the  future of the church. For a church for my children…and the children in the poorest parts of our community.

The Human Body Circa 1959 | VINTAGE ILLUSTRATION | brainpickings.org

The Human Body circa 1959 brain pickings brainpickings.org

Glad that medicine values moving forward in understanding and practice. But these are most definitely AWESOME illustrations from 1959….

55 Free Philosophy Courses | openculture.com

The ones I have slated to listen to first are audio files given by Foucault the year that I was born.


+ How the USDA maps Food Deserts | scientificamerican.com

+ Why TED-ED is living up to the hype | good.is

+ The Story of Money is Not a Straight Line | sethgodin.typepad.com

+ 5 Literal Postures that Foster Creativity | spring.org.uk


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weekly mash | 04.07.2012

Here’s a list of the articles, posts and ideas that have had my interest this week. Enjoy.

news sources being read by state : See the interactive map from FORBES to discover what news sources are the most read per state. You’d be surprised at Tennessee’s top news source, but not at Texas’s!

google art project : I used to take the fact that I’ve been able to travel the world and see famous pieces of art when others haven’t as a kind of badge of honor. The more I notice the presence of inequalities and injustices that make that possible for me and not for others, it makes me happy to see that google has done it again by potentially bringing the masterpieces of the global world to kids trapped in their own neighborhoods. Awesomeness.

BBC news in pictures : I’m always a fan of BBC’s weekly news in pictures, but this week stood out in particular. With a trend of incredibly irrelevant news stories I see, it’s always good to remember what is actually going on around the globe, however biased BBC is likely to be as well. My favorite pic is from the Church of the Sepulcher from Maundy Thursday. I remember walking those floors.

the best new eats around baseball : Needless to say, I would definitely pay over $20 bucks for a two foot long “champion dog” at the Texas Rangers. Shut your face, I’m starving after looking at these! Not to mention, if you’re a foodie, Food Republic should be on your list of web faves anyway.

LSJ|relinquishing power in doing justice : A great post written the folks at Common Ground in Cape Town. We talked in my class just a few weeks ago about the way paternalism sneaks into every effort to do good, and what kind of holy interactions we are missing out on when we ignore it. Here’s a good reminder from my other home in Cape Town.

A few other mentions:

What Kids Should Know about Their Own Brains

Joel Robinson’s Whimsical Joy of Reading Photography

Rachel Held Evans: The Mainline and Me

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