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when kicking the printer

kicking the printer

between signing papers
returning emails
standing at the printer
checking the voicemail
stamping the letter
kicking the printer
staring in the workroom fridge at everyone else’s food

we are actually doing a kind of magical work
we are actually making a difference in the world
we are actually building something true
we are actually unearthing something honest
we are actually seeking signs of the kingdom

but if we aren’t paying attention
and if we aren’t watching well
and if we aren’t listening earnestly
and if we aren’t walking humbly

we mistake the
papers and
emails and
printers and

for details.
and we think we are
missing out on the real work
for the details.

but kicking the printer counts as real work.
it counts as a part of seeking signs of the kingdom.

Help us pay attention.
Help us watch well.
Help us listen earnestly.
Help us walk humbly.

Even as we kick the printer.

108 S Church

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although we intend justice, mercy and humility


we intend to do justice
but we find ourselves surprised by what it involves
and so our feet shake a little when our toe begins to touch the water

we intend to love mercy
but in our eagerness to do justice we catch a glimpse of our own hate toward the other
and we temper down our justice because
we don’t know how to both do justice and love mercy at the same time

we intend to walk humbly
but as we barrel on toward doing justice we grow proud
and as we tip-toe up to loving mercy we grow soft
and we end up missing the mix of meekness altogether

but we know that what you’ve called us to is simple
and it is clear
and so we ask on the eve of difficult days and trying things
to give us the willingness to let you in,
so that you can, through us,

do justice, love mercy, so we can walk humbly with you, O God.


Pine Tree


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