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thanks, London.

I feel an increasing struggle as to what it means to be who we have each been called to be, but only in the context of a grander story, the story of the world, and even bigger than that, the story of God and what he has been all along and is now doing in the world.

It’s a struggle worth increasing struggle.

In London’s closing ceremony, all the pieces made the whole. All the pieces, faces, names, styles, dances, artists made a fascinating whole. They, with the opening ceremonies, told a story of the global mark made by individuals, groups, artists, authors, doctors, and stories. There were videos, moving sculptures, light shows…each only briefly, artistically, dramatically and perfectly making their entrance, momentary dance, and exit from the stage.

In sharp contrast to the awe-inspiring show of Beijing’s ceremonies, the spectacle was made in different ways. Beijing had the lights and the smoke and the choreography and the music, but no names, no celebrated players, no celebrated individuals making celebrated marks. A show can be made without characters, but a story cannot be told. Something no doubt was missing. But the celebration of only individuals, often our problem in the West, leaves a similar emptiness.

But a single story told by the voices of many characters… One story of humanity trying its best, with glimpses and mumblings––like the olympics––to tell a single story well together. A story of individuals making marks on a bigger storyline being written of what God is doing in and for and with the world.

Till kingdom comes.

Thanks, London.

Pine Tree

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lick the elevator, pregnant at VBS | weekly mash | 04.21.2012

Here they are! From Vacation Bible School pregnancies to edible elevators, from neurology in Pre-K to CEOs in gang recovery programs, here are the articles, thoughts, essays and ideas that I’ve been thinking and stewing over this week. Enjoy, and let me know what you think about the articles!

Education and Apartheid in the USA | www.good.is

We are way past the civil rights era, right? And we say “What a shame” about Apartheid because we would never behave in such a way, right? Take a look at the details behind education for the poor in the USA.

CEO Rehabbed in Anti-Gang Program | www.fastcoexist.com

Homeboy Indsutries and Homegirl Industries in California is one of the few anti-gang groups making progress. To get out of the gang-life, there has to be something worth going into, like Homeboy Industries. See why ARM watches Homeboy as we plan for The HUB Club, and see how it helps meet gangbangers and CEOs.

Food or Medicine: Between a Rock and a Hard Place | The Global Journal

It’s one thing to argue about healthcare with terms we learned from magazine news shows; it’s another to think about having to choose between food or medicine. And then to know the choice is made by people every day, people very close to home, adds an element of at least valuing the conversation.

Bringing Kids’ Art to Life | www.denydesigns.com

Every kids’ dream come true… real-life versions of their very own drawings. Yes, please!

Teen Pregnancy Down Except for the Bible Belt | www.theatlanticcities.com

Across the nation, teen pregnancy is down, except for those states in the Bible Belt where to get pregnant as a teenager is a huge scarlet “P” for the rest of your life. What makes the difference, and why should the church be paying attention to its ways of being in the world?

Ever Licked an Elevator Advertisement? | www.foodrepublic.com

I don’t even know what to say. I’m equally intrigued by the grossness and the coolness of this London-based advertisement experiment. One thing to make time in an elevator with others just a little more awkward.

Making Education Brain Science | www.nytimes.com

Think little kids are only learning about blues and reds? Think again! The Blue School is teaching kids to think about HOW they think, teaching them how to observe their own thought, emotion, and learning processes…something most of us wait until far too late to do. Way coolness.


National Archives (England’s) Release Colonial Papers including Obama’s Father, son of Revolutionary

Magnificent Maps: Cartography as Power, Propaganda, and Art

So what do you think?

Pine Tree

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