an unspeakable honor

there is an unspeakable honor
buried deep and wide
in the days
and weeks
and months
and years
of doing life together with other people

time is marked much by
the kind of laughter that makes stomach muscles hurt
the kind of tears that make the tips of our noses hurt
the kind of stress that makes the bottoms of our guts hurt
and the kind of joy that makes everything worth waiting it out

and so we give thanks
while doing life together
when the sharp and truthful moments roll around
that shine like beacons in the water
like roadsigns on the journey
like answers to questions
like human touch to grief
like peace to chaos
like silence to silence
like rightness to wrongness

and it’s in those moments
that we pause
and give thanks to God Almighty
that in the ways of the kingdom
there are things worth sticking around for
and sticking around for and with kingdom friends
is and will always be
an unspeakable honor

so we mark those sharp and truthful moments in our calendars
for those other days where we are less sure
what it is that we are sticking around for at all.

God remind us.

Pine Tree Dr.


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3 thoughts on “an unspeakable honor

  1. KarenW says:

    How eloquently you put words to what my soul feels. After moving to a new suburb, and attending a few different churches looking for my new “home”, I found myself jubilant because I found it – and this writing perfectly expresses what I long to be a part of. Thank you. Sometimes I feel like you are my personal psalmist, so it is incredible to realize that so many of us, no matter where we live, have the same soul longings and praises.)

    PS: I’m never sure how to properly attribute people when I link to their blogs, as I have to yours – but I hope I have done it correclty.

    • Most Hopeful says:

      Thanks so much, KarenW. I’m honored by your response, and am humbled by the notion that what often feels so personal to me resonates with so many other people. It’s a sign, on doubt, of the reasons why we are built to weep and laugh in the context of community of some kind. I’m glad you’ve found yours.

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