deep heartbreak and deep hope


when we feel trapped between
the way things are and
the way we know things should be

the work we have and
the work we can actually accomplish

the hours in a single day and
the heartaches in a single day

the insolvable injustices and
the imperative to seek and to do justice

the eyes of those we publicly hold responsible and
the eyes of ourselves that we privately shield from responsibility

we ask for a deeper and more burdening reminder
that you are the one who has built us
to be unsettled and undone
until justice comes
until peace flows
until humanity looks like itself again
until humanity is an icon of you again

and in that deeper and more burdening reminder
we ask that you would give us
deep breaths
deep honesty
deep heartbreak and
deep hope

that kingdom comes and
that kingdom will come on earth as in heaven
and until the finally,
we work toward the impossible things we have no power to change
knowing the desire to work toward them
is a gift from the God who has a habit of doing impossible things


Pine Tree


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3 thoughts on “deep heartbreak and deep hope

  1. WP says:

    This is a wonderful reminder of the hope that we can always find in Christ. His hope and love shows us the difference between compassion, seeing the person and the possibilities and potential for their life, and pity, only seeing the impossibilities they’ve faced. As a person who has been through multiple forms of abuse, thank you for looking for the outcome of a person, and not result of a situation, and for showing us that Christ does the same.

    • Most Hopeful says:

      Many thanks for your kind words. I learn a great deal from the clients and friends I get to work and walk with. The human spirit is an amazingly resilient thing when in the heart of a community.

      Thanks for reading.


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