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after a long night | on john 21

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It seems more often than not that we find ourselves
in the boat
in the middle of the same damn sea
trying our hardest to do what we’ve done a thousand times before.

We try even harder on the heels of failure
or even on the heels of victory.
And sometimes, like Peter, we try when we can’t tell
at all what we are on the heels of.

And still, all night long, we do what we know to do
and we try what has always worked
and we finally throw it all down, take off our clothes, and try to get some rest
because the work itself is almost unbearable.

It’s then, of course, that we hear Your voice:
Do it one more time.
Do it just like this.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.

And so, after someone whispers in our ear
that they think it’s Your voice,
we do it one more time,
just like this,
we do it.

And the nets almost burst,
but they don’t.
We bring it all in.

And we don’t know why or how,
but we come to trust
that after a long night of
hard work and nothing to show for it,
you speak
and the nets nearly burst.

Give us the strength to keep listening
and to keep fishing
after long nights of nothing.


Pine Tree Dr.

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living love and holy courage

Peter stepping out

Fear imprisons us and stops us being fully human. Uniquely in all of human history Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the one who as living love liberates holy courage.
+ Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

it’s not so much that I’m not willing
it’s not so much that I’m terribly afraid
of stepping out
of stepping up
of stepping into whatever the hell it means to step into
when I decide it’s time for me to move.

it’s more the unwillingness
it’s more the fearfulness
of stepping out
of stepping up
of stepping into the thing I wasn’t meant to step into
because I thought I was moving in holy courage.

and so I intend to wait for
obvious invitations
settled details
clear answers
before stepping out

and so I try to count every cost
every risk
every what-if
before stepping up

and the only thing I know so far is
if the invitation’s made
from the One who makes invitations worth getting
I want to step out
I want to step up
clarity or not
total preparation or not.

so the only thing I know so far is
to listen carefully,
because if it is that voice
I’ll know.

and living love will liberate holy courage.

or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Pine Tree

The quote is part of words given by the new Archbishop of Canterbury this week, as shared by a brilliant and thoughtful friend. The fullness of his words can be found HERE.


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