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all the implications

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This video has been on my brain since I first saw in when it came out a few days ago on February 19.

Yes, it’s about bullying, but it’s about a great deal more.

It’s about the impact of little things.
It’s about our own assumptions under which we bury others.
It’s about how art is redemptive and makes beauty of tragedy.
It’s about shared stories that crash into shared reality after being hidden for so long.
It’s about all the implications of all the things we find ourselves doing, thinking, saying, being,
both horrendously good and remarkably evil.
It’s about the bothness in all of us.
Our Cain and our Abel.
It’s about telling the truth.

This is good. You wont regret the time.

Summar Dr.

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this is good | the mash | february 2

When finding themselves in those moments, at those events, in those questions, at those meals, inside the conversations where you feel art and justice and work and play and faith all coming together in both profound or incredibly simple ways, a few other friends and I will often look at each other, pause, and say, “This is good.” I’ve been thinking about that this week, so the mash is back, and here are a few links from the week of the “good things.”

1 | Craft Brewed Opens its Taps

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2 | Resilient Community Through Design & Advocacy

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3 | Ring the Bell | Indian PSAs Addressing Domestic Violence

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4 | Want to help? Shut up and listen! TED TALK

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5 | Kid President Gives a Pep Talk

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